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An interventionist is a trained professional who organizes and conducts the intervention. Every interventionist strongly suggests hiring accredited counselors for the most productive outcome. Friends and family members make ineffective interventionists, but not because they don’t care about the addict. They have a tendency to be too affected by the situation and their feelings, thoughts, and emotions get in the way. An interventionist will frequently ask friends and family to write letters or notes to be read aloud to the addict with the goal to convince them to agree to treatment.

Because interventionists are most often recovered from addiction, they have a deep understanding of the disease. Due to their experience, interventionists are very good communicators with the addict and the addict’s family members and friends. The Association of Intervention Specialists is a reliable certification for an interventionist to possess. Intervention centers recommend employing their certified interventionists. Call to speak with one of interventions’ professionals to get more information regarding interventions and interventionists.

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